• The range of programmes available at Castlecliff school offer the opportunity for students to develop and grow in an environment tailored for them.

    • Perceptual & Fundamental Motor Programme
    • Play is the Way
    • Davis Clay
    • Social Workers in Schools
    • Teachers Aides
    • STEPS programme
    • Speech Language
    • Homework Club
    • ESOL
    • Te Ao (Environmental Education)
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  • Perceptual Motor Programme

  • Castlecliff School offers a PMP programme that covers:

    • Child development with movement
    • Skills & techniques involving hand eye coordination and find motor.
    • Memory Training with activates based on memory games

    Sessions are set up to accommodate different ages/size children with activities in the hall or outside.

    Our school has all the PMP equipment and staff who are trained to run this fabulous programme.

  • Play is the Way

    Social & Emotional Skills

    “Play is the way” is a practical methodology for teaching social and emotional skills using guided play, classroom activities and an empowering language.
    It’s a process that gives primary school children of all ages, abilities and ethnic backgrounds the skills to operate in social contexts. 

  • Fundamental Movement Skills

  • A programme delivered with Sport Whanganui working alongside teaching staff.

  • FMS teaches and develops skills needed for balance, running, catching, throwing, and jumping. The development of these skills is critical to establishing the foundation for many sports and physical activities. Children who do not successfully develop these basic motor skills experiences difficulties moving in a confident or competent way when engaging in a physically active life.         

  • Teacher Aides

    Every team has at least one teacher aide supporting learning between 8:45-12:45 every day.  Some of the larger teams have a teacher aide for the entire school day.  We also have three teacher aides who deliver specialist programmes daily in our Whare Tapawha.   Ongoing Resource Scheme (ORS) teacher aides are available according to individual student needs.

  • Social Workers in Schools


    Social workers in schools (SWIS) is a service available through Jigsaw Whanganui.   We have a dedicated social worker assigned to our school to support kaupapa whānau, thriving children and flourishing families.

  • Davis Clay

    Davis Learning Strategies
  • “The Creative process and the learning process, if not the same thing, are so closely associated, we will never be able to separate them.”

    Ronald D. Davis
  • Davis focussing Strategies: These strategies provide children with the self-directed ability to be physically and mentally focussed on the learning task at hand.   

    Davis Symbol Mastery: Students master alphabet, punctuation marks and basic sight words with a simple, easy and fun alternative to pencil & paper activities or drill exercises.

    Davis Reading Strategies: Provide a method for instructing students in word recognition and comprehension. This reading method can be used alone or as a supplement to a phonics reading programme.

    Davis Learning Strategies are run across our whole school with extra sessions for children with specific learning difficulties in literacy.

  • STEPS Learning

    Literacy Programme
  • STEPS is a literacy programme designed to lift any student over 8 years who is continuing to face barriers in reading and writing.

  • Motor Development: Gross motor skills, fine motor skills, proprioception, spatial awareness, laterality/ dominance.

    Sequencing: Visual sequencing, auditory sequencing, sequencing of ideas / planning skills pattern recognition, comprehension.

    Visual Perception: Visual discrimination, Visual figure – ground, tracking, perceptual organisation, visual recognition / visual memory.

    Phonological awareness: Auditory discrimination, onset + rime, phonemic awareness, rhyme and syllable awareness, word retrieval/ verbal fluency.

    Memory: Visual / visual – sequential memory auditory sequential memory working memory, kinaesthetic memory, visualization.

    Each session is made up of

    • 10min on line
    • 10min Board games.
    • 10min Book work.
  • Breakfast Club

    Breakfast Club is a pleasant and cheerful space where our tamariki/children can come and have breakfast each morning. Senior students volunteer to help prepare breakfast each day supported by one of our fantastic teacher aides. Lunches are provided where there is a need.

    Thank you our all of our  supporters: KidsCan, Sanitarium,Fonterra, Ministry of Health “Fruit in School” and Vivek from Four Square our local community supporter.

    Homework Club

    Castlecliff school provides a Homework club which is held in the school library. It is open every school day before school and at lunchtimes. The club provides supervised access to the school computer systems so that students can research information and access their own working documents. The Library Manager is available to help students complete any academic task set by classroom teachers.