• The range of programs available at Castlecliff school offer the opportunity for students to develop and grow in an environment tailored for them.

    • Smart Moves
    • Davis Clay
    • Social Workers in Schools
    • Teachers Aides
    • STEPS program
    • Speech Language
    • ESOL
    • Te Ao (Environmental Education)
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  • Smart Moves

    Smart Moves is a program of fun physical activities which have been developed to offer children opportunities to support their learning in the classroom. The children can achieve success by progressing through the activities at their own pace and be actively involved in deciding what they want to achieve and monitor the progress they are making.

  • Teacher Aides

    Every teaching team has at least two Teacher Aide supporting learning between 8:55am – 2:45pm each day. A child who has funding from the Ongoing Resource Scheme (ORS) will have a Teacher Aide available depending on their individual needs.

  • Social Workers in Schools


    Social workers in schools (SWIS) is a service available through Jigsaw Whanganui. We have a dedicated social worker assigned to our school to support kaupapa whānau, thriving children and flourishing families.

  • Davis Clay

    Davis Learning Strategies
  • “The Creative process and the learning process, if not the same thing, are so closely associated, we will never be able to separate them.”

    Ronald D. Davis
  • Davis focussing Strategies: These strategies provide children with the self-directed ability to be physically and mentally focussed on the learning task at hand.   

    Davis Symbol Mastery: Students master alphabet, punctuation marks and basic sight words with a simple, easy and fun alternative to pencil & paper activities or drill exercises.

    Davis Reading Strategies: Provide a method for instructing students in word recognition and comprehension. This reading method can be used alone or as a supplement to a phonics reading programme.

    Davis Learning Strategies are run across our whole school with extra sessions for children with specific learning difficulties in literacy.

  • STEPS Learning

    Literacy Programme
  • STEPS is a literacy programme designed to lift any student over 8 years who is continuing to face barriers in reading and writing.

  • Motor Development: Gross motor skills, fine motor skills, proprioception, spatial awareness, laterality/ dominance.

    Sequencing: Visual sequencing, auditory sequencing, sequencing of ideas / planning skills pattern recognition, comprehension.

    Visual Perception: Visual discrimination, Visual figure – ground, tracking, perceptual organisation, visual recognition / visual memory.

    Phonological awareness: Auditory discrimination, onset + rime, phonemic awareness, rhyme and syllable awareness, word retrieval/ verbal fluency.

    Memory: Visual / visual – sequential memory auditory sequential memory working memory, kinaesthetic memory, visualization.

    Each session is made up of

    • 10min on line
    • 10min Board games.
    • 10min Book work.
  • English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

    For students who need extra help in learning English to the level they need for their education, Castlecliff School offers extra English language learning support for eligible students.