Te Whanake

  • Senior School

    Te Whanake - to grow, spring up, develop, move onwards
  • Te Whanake staff work and plan collaboratively to ensure there is consistency in teaching and learning across the senior school.  We have a strong focus on integrating our local school curriculum across all subject areas which means that learning for our students is connected and meaningful.

    Students are encouraged first and foremost to inquire and understand their own stories, histories, languages and identities in order to make sense of and connect with the world around them.  We aim to ensure that learning has real meaning for them and equips them with knowledge and skills that they can use in the future.

    Te Whanake students are encouraged to become independent learners, to know what it is they are learning and why, and to be the key drivers in deciding how they best learn.

  • Zones of Regulation

    The Zones of Regulation is a framework that helps us to self regulate and exercise self control.  It categorises our emotions into four coloured zones.  In Te Whanake, we are learning to use strategies and tools to move between the zones.  It’s a great way for tamariki to be more aware of their own feelings and the impact of their behaviour on both their own and other people’s feelings.  Click the buttons below to learn more about each zone.


  • Blended Learning

    We use a blended learning approach which means that some learning is offered online through our Google Classrooms, even though we are physically in class.  This allows students to work towards becoming independent and ensures we are ready for online learning should we move to Alert Levels 3 or 4.  We also use a number of online literacy and numeracy programmes to support our learning in class:


    • Steps Web
    • Read Theory
    • Reading Eggs
    • Story Jumper
    • Typing Club
    • Prototec
    • Maths Buddy
  • Leadership

    Te Whanake students are the tuakana (senior students) of the school and we place a high emphasis on participating and contributing in all areas of school life.  We provide lots of opportunities and support for students to practice their leadership skills and they are able to earn service ribbons in the following areas:



    • House Leader
    • Student Council
    • Librarian
    • Road Patrol
    • Sports Shed Monitor
    • Breakfast Club
  • Class Educators

    Ngā Kaiako
  • E rere kau mai te awa nui, mai i te kaahui maunga ki Tangaroa. Ko au te awa, ko te awa ko au.

    Ko Parekura Cribb tooku ingoa. I was born and raised in Whanganui and have a Bachelor Degree in Teaching (Bilingual).

    I love interacting with tamariki, learning from them and helping them to see the connection between what they are learning and their lives.

    Outside of school, I love to hang out with my daughters and whanau, writing and following all things netball.

    — Parekura Cribb
  • Hi, my name is Rashirl Kereopa.
    I was born in Wairoa (East Coast). My family and I moved to Whanganui when I was young.

    I teach in Waitī. I encourage all of our students to take ownership of their learning and share their knowledge with their fellow peers.

    — Rashiri Kereopa
  • My name is Jocelyn Parker and I am the teacher in Waipunarangi and the newest member of Te Whanake this year. I am absolutely loving being back in the classroom after enjoying a number of years off to be a stay-at-home mom. And yes, that is mom with an ‘o’ as one of my babies was born in Canada so I’m trying my hardest to keep some great Canadian kupu in his life.

    I come from a teaching background of Classical Studies, English, Social Sciences, Learning Support, Behaviour Management and High Learning Needs. I have also been a SENCO, an RTLB, and I have recently been studying Child and Adolescent Psychology. Absolutely fascinating!!!

    As a teacher, I love to push my students to reach new levels of learning that they never knew were possible. I relish new learning challenges and love exploring all the different crazy and unexpected pathways that we, as a class, can take on the road to discovery. I can’t wait to see what lies ahead for Waipunarangi this year.

    — Jocelyn Parker
    • Shared Space

      We create a collaborative learning environment.

    • Family Feel

      We make our families feel welcome.

    • ICT

      We integrate ICT into our everyday learning.

    • Support Staff

      We have support staff working alongside our classrooms everyday.

    • Experience

      Our classroom teachers bring a wealth of teaching experience.

    • Key Learning Areas

      We place a lot of importance achieving success in Reading, Writing & Maths.